All accompanying text is in Czech language only, but more complex models have pictures to assist with assembly.

Big book of papercraft

All my papercraft in one PDF file, including a few new, otherwise unreleased pieces.
Over 200 pages, A4 300 DPI. Beware, the file has 1,3 GB!


Papercraft (63 MB PDF)
Text companion (CZ) (18 MB PDF)

Ancient civilizations

Dioramas have been created from Jacques Martin's comics.
The 3D models are original work.
Papercraft (18 MB PDF)
Text companion (CZ) (7,5 MB PDF)

Medieval buildings

Motte and bailey castle and an early medieval hut (10 MB PDF)


19th century artwork made into paper dioramas (14,5 MB PDF)

Human anatomy

Anatomy model created out of illustrations from Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme (1831-51).
Two versions are available - white background or weathered, antique look.
Anatomy - white (16 MB PDF)
Anatomy - antique (20 MB PDF)

And one more, quite a bit simpler, anatomy model:

(click the picture to get full resolution image)

Comic books

Sci-fi - Androids, Olympus Mons and Storm (2,6 MB PDF)

2000AD - ABC Warriors, Judge Dredd, Slaine


Fantasy diorama pack - Bob Eggleton, Frank Frazetta, John Howe, Keith Parkinson,
Michael Whelan, Paul Bonner, Rodney Matthews, Roger Garland, Luis Royo


Game dioramas - Albion, Blasphemous, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Diablo,
Doom, Dungeon Keeper, Gothic, Might & Magic VII, Niffelheim, Tribes (by Luis Royo), X-Com: Terror from the Deep

Heroes of Might & Magic III - all original game town dioramas (no Conflux, sorry)