Game art books

Unofficial art books for games that don't have any available. Mostly for old games when official art books weren't a thing yet.
Click the cover art for a download link. You can either open the .cbz files with a comic book reader program or unpack them as regular zip archives.
I usually target 300 DPI resolution, but source graphics don't always provide for that. I use AI upscaling if the art style is well suited for it. Otherwise I just settle for lower resolution

Work in progress: Diablo 2, Abomination: The Nemesis Project, Metroid Prime, Doom (1993)

Game mods

Wizardry 8

Wizardry 8 visual and gameplay mod

This mod started as a simple graphics mod, increasing the variety of inventory item pictures. Later I added minor game changes to improve gameplay flow and get rid of some design oddities and inconsistencies.
I have never aimed for an overhaul or reimagining of the game. I will be happier if you play the vanilla game first so you can appreciate my changes more, but even if you only play with the mod installed, you are still getting 99% vanilla Wizardry 8 experience. More debatable changes like combat speed or UI alterations are optional and can be toggled on or off.

New item picture examples:

New inventory graphics, inspired by beta artwork:

This form of the mod is currently pretty much complete with only a couple of mostly cosmetic adjustments to make.
Some time ago I have also started modelling new areas for the game. The first, smallest one of them is finished, including gameplay. Three more are playable, but with no enemies, NPCs or items and two more are being prepared for exporting into the game. None of this is included in the mod, but there are test downloads available if you want to look around.

I have to give huge thanks to the Wizardry 8 community, especially mad god (the creator of the incredible Cosmic Forge Wizardry Editor), Qusari (creator of the most advanced W8 mods out there) and townltu (who helped develop and tweak many mods including this one).

Overview of changes:

Faster combat turns (optional):

All monster animations speed increased (integrated mod)

Velocity of all conventional projectiles greatly increased

Rockets fly twice as fast

Poison Spit and Stinger Thorn sped up, as they are extensively used by monsters encountered in large groups

Character class changes:

Samurai can use polearms

Lord has more flexible and appropriate skill set

Ninja has faster level progression (same as other hybrids now)

Inventory modifications (optional):

Transparent compass and formation window (integrated mod)

Beta-inspired UI elements (char statue archway, ornaments)

Individual item graphics - eyecandy + easier inventory navigation

Most armor pieces and weapons

All ammunition, potions and beverages

All spellbooks (magic schools on covers)

Almost all misc.equippables

Item properties and locations

Addressed lack of proper equipment for various character builds

Balanced available MP regeneraion - toned down most hybrids, buffed specialist casters, bishop and ninja

Spread MP recovery across more items, starting earlier through the game

Many unused items placed in game

Alchemy rebalance

Worst price bumps removed. Alchemy is still profitable, but you can no longer make absurd wealth in no time. There is also much less need for that money, since many items are found instead of bought.

Magic rebalance

Direct damage spells were rather useless later in the game, compared to status effects and brute force. Beware, some of the improved spells are cast by enemies as well, so this isn't neccessarily making things easier.
Unfortunately I haven't found a way to add or alter status effects of spells. Damage will have to do.

For more detailed list of changes and complete credits you can download the mod's manual.

WIP new Wizardry 8 locations

Arnika Cemetery Crypt

Marten's Pagoda in Trynton

Dwarven underground town

Dwarven mines

New areas, test versions:

Crypt BETA - fully playable crypt at Arnika cemetery, no new items though
Dwarven City PREVIEW - start a new game and run into the waterfall
Pagoda PREVIEW - places WIP Marten's pagoda in Trynton

Age of Wonders Community Content Pack

An exhaustive compilation of maps and mods, easy to install and run. Full documentation and detailed credits included.

Less crude axes - improved models and textures for all axes in the game.
Vvardenfell Landscapes - ground textures that Connary didn't cover in his packs.
Silt Strider Armor retexture - detailed textures for this mod.
Full Glass Armor retexture - detailed textures for this mod.
Book Jackets - less vivid textures - Minor modification for this mod.

Since Morrowind Mod History is currently down, I'm hosting all the files on mediafire for now.
Other people's mods are provided without changes, with alternate or additional files provided separately.

Fallout 3 - Pip-Boy Readius Classic Vault Tec Retexture - Readius removes the hideous Pip-Boy glove thing. This texture makes it look like FO1&2 UI.

Game graphics

Contract work on indie games.


A post-apocalyptic RPG

Aiming for emergent gameplay and story instead of pre-scripted sequences and binary choices.
I made a whole bunch of pre-rendered isometric environment tiles for the game.
Added the green grid over the images, so that I don't accidentally leak my own artwork from the project. :)

I designed and created unit and structure models for one of the factions.
You can try the game here.

The entire fleet, parts it can fall apart into, space structures, ground buildings:

Mining rig deploy animation:

Fancy game icons

I don't really use my desktop for anything, so I like having huge icons of my currently installed games there, even though I don't really play most of them regularly. Hell, I haven't even gotten some of the games that seem interesting enough I already have an icon for them waiting to be used!

All the icons utilize either box art, in-game graphics or official artwork, whichever was more suitable or even available for the purpose of pretty icons. Resolution is 128x128 and they are in both png and ico format. The ico's contain an upscaled 256 image, because Windows tends to ignore the 128 one and display needlessly small image.
My icons are mostly for old games, but there are some newer ones too,especially for series spanning decades.

Downloads with examples:

RPG icon pack v1.0 (206 games + dozens of variant icons)

Strategy icon pack v1.0 (150 games + variants and icons for mods)

FPS icon pack v1.0 (46 games + variants and mods & custom episodes)

Emulation icon pack v1.0 (vintage consoles and computers, logos...)