Historical arms & armor

Medieval armor paperdoll

My long-time work-in-progress paperdoll system for medieval warriors. Sort of a barbie doll for boys of all ages. I'm still at the stage of drawing more pieces.

Here are some examples of possible combinations:

You can try the paperdoll here.
At first the picture is empty and you need to pick base body, face, etc... The interface is temporary and rather clunky, but it does the job for now. You can mix and match and print screen the result, eventually I'm going to implement an export function.

If you publish results of my paperdoll system, link my page as the source.

Arms & armor book

My work-in progress book on medieval and renaissance arms and armor.
It's in Czech language, but after it' finished I'm not opposed to an English version if someone is willing to edit it.

You can find a preview PDF here.

Some example pages: